African Conference on Social Justice

International African Forum
December 22, 2019
1st edition of LBS Conference
January 7, 2023

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, the Moroccan Association for Human Resources Development (AMDRH) organized the inaugural edition of the African Conference on Social Justice at the Albaraka Association Space in Hay Hassani, Casablanca. The event was distinguished by the honorary presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the BLTC Saudi Arabia Group and the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Rabat. The conference featured insightful contributions from speakers addressing various aspects of social justice, including presentations by Dr. Mubarak Afkouh, Engineer Holoul, Mr. Taha Abraoui, and Ms. Natalia Azabel.

During this noteworthy gathering, Dr. Lahcen Labgour, President of the Moroccan Association for Human Resources Development, delivered an opening speech emphasizing the role of equality and harmony in achieving justice within society. He underscored the crucial role played by civil society events in enlightening public opinion, fostering dialogue, and facilitating communication. The conference also included the honoring of political, legal, and sports figures, along with the distinguished guest of the conference.

Dr. Labgour highlighted the significant impact of civil society initiatives in shedding light on societal issues and creating channels for dialogue and communication. The event served as a platform for recognizing and celebrating the contributions of various individuals, promoting a sense of unity and collaboration within the Moroccan civil society.

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