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International African Forum
December 22, 2019




Embark on a transformative journey where luminaries from across the globe converge.


Inspirational speakers



24.02.2024 we start all over!

Youth Eloquence Competition:

A highlight of the conference is the Youth Eloquence Competition—an engaging and educational competition designed for high school students aged 17. Aligned with the conference theme, the competition encourages students to explore and articulate ideas related to social learning in online education, virtual communities, and collaboration within digital learning platforms. Witness the next generation of orators and thought leaders as they shine on this unique platform.

Interactive Workshops:

Complementing the insightful presentations and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops led by industry experts. These practical sessions are designed to equip attendees with hands-on knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to enhance their educational and professional experiences.


Conference Agenda

8:00 : Registration

The event begins with Registration, marking the commencement of an exciting day filled with activities and engagement.

9:30 : Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker

The event kicks off with the Opening Remarks, setting the stage for an exciting and engaging experience.

10:00 : International Speakers

The event elevates its global perspective with a session featuring International Speakers.

12: 30 : Young Professionals Public Speaking

The event spotlights the rising stars in the professional arena with the Young Professionals Public Speaking session.

14:30 : Youth Eloquence Competition

This competition provides a platform for young high school students to showcase their eloquence.

16:30 : Finals of Competitions

This highly anticipated segment showcases the culmination of talent, skill, and innovation as participants compete at the highest level.

17:15 : Panel Discussion: Building Virtual Communities

This engaging session brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and community builders to explore the strategies, challenges

18:00 : Awards & Certifications

Celebration of outstanding accomplishments and presentations

18: 30 : Cocktails & Networking

An excellent opportunity to unwind, connect, and engage in meaningful conversations

Meet the winners of the first edition of the Young Professionals Competition

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