International African Forum

Event Details
October 5, 2017
African Conference on Social Justice
February 22, 2020

The Moroccan Association for Human Resources Development was delighted to extend a cordial invitation to individuals of distinction, including yourself, for the esteemed African Forum held on December 22, 2019, at 9:00 AM within the Albaraka Association Space in Hay Hassani. The event, marked by a detailed program, commenced with an introduction by the Association’s President, shedding light on the organization’s purpose and goals. This was followed by an enlightening address from the guest of honor, setting a tone of significance for the ensuing proceedings.

The seminar featured thought-provoking presentations by notable speakers, including Mr. Sossy, Dr. Afekouh, and Mr. Madé, who shared valuable insights on critical topics such as socio-professional integration in Morocco and the regularization of migrants’ situations. The inclusion of a dynamic panel discussion provided a platform for engaging dialogue and exchange of ideas among participants.

The event reached its zenith with a touching tribute ceremony, honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to the field. The program concluded with a sense of accomplishment, fostering a sense of community and shared commitment to addressing pressing societal issues. The Association expressed sincere appreciation for your attendance, acknowledging the meaningful impact of your participation in contributing to the success of this vital forum.

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