Lahcen Labgouri

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Dr. Lahcen Labgouri is a distinguished professor-researcher and accomplished professional, boasting extensive expertise across a diverse spectrum of Strategy and Operations, with a particular focus on Business Development, Business Support, and Strategic Planning within the realm of Retail and Wholesale Management. His proficiency extends to Training and Talents Development, as well as Sales and Marketing, showcasing a notable track record of success, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Professor & Author 

LBS University

Jiaoyue Dongmen


Learning Consultant 

LBS University


Jiaoyue Dongmen is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in delivering top-tier training and development initiatives. She possesses a unique skill set that includes the creation of high-quality online training modules. Jiaoyue has a specialized focus on training senior-level managers in optimal operational practices.

Furthermore, Jiaoyue holds certifications as a ServSafe instructor and proctor, alongside being Seafood HACCP certified. Her commitment to adhering to stringent food safety practices underscores her dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

Nader Bechini

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Managing Director 

ROI Institute


Nader Bechini is a dedicated talent development professional with an impressive 20-year track record of thriving in various sectors. His expertise encompasses developing leaders, nurturing talents, and overseeing the design and management of talent development projects. With a global perspective, Nader has successfully led Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives in over 30 countries, showcasing his ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes.

Jazmin Webster


Public Speaker

Xellia US


Jazmin Webster is a seasoned Training and Performance Improvement professional, bringing over 15 years of extensive expertise in the biopharmaceutical clinical research industry. Throughout her career, she has held pivotal roles in quality control and quality assurance, showcasing a multifaceted skill set. Her journey has encompassed positions as a training specialist and various managerial roles, contributing significantly to the enhancement of organizational processes.

Jazmin's educational foundation is rooted in science, holding a degree in Microbiology. Complementing this, she has enriched her knowledge in adult learning, specializing in areas such as Instructional Design, Assessment & Measurement, and Performance Improvement. This dual expertise equips her with a unique blend of scientific acumen and the ability to design and implement effective learning solutions.

Tang Juxing


Vice President



For more than two decades, Nelson R. Santiago has pursued a steadfast mission to enhance global organizational effectiveness through the strategic development of diverse and engaging employee programs. His commitment lies in establishing a people-centric culture that fosters impactful, cost-effective, and dynamic learning experiences, ultimately equipping individuals with skills that enrich the entire organization.

Nelson firmly believes that purposeful change is the key to success. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture that prioritizes education and training, he envisions a scenario where everyone emerges victorious. Whether it involves onboarding new employees, up-skilling current staff, or enhancing training methodologies, Nelson possesses the expertise to navigate these initiatives fruitfully.

Kate Pam Semlek




Group CEO

Stalwart Group

Kate Pam Semlek is a seasoned Consultant and Social Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in consulting, oil and gas and financial services. She is CEO of The Stalwart Group, which comprises three subsidiaries: Stalwart Consults International, a training and consulting firm; Stalwart Communities Africa, a social enterprise that works towards creating and strengthening sustainable communities across Nigeria and Africa through bridging the existent gap between rural and urban education, leadership development and women empowerment programmes; and Aberfeldy Energy Limited, an energy/oil and gas company
that provides turnkey services to public and private institutions within the sector. Various capacity building programmes are held at The Stalwart Learning Hub. She has MBAs in Marketing from Grenoble Graduate School of Business and Global Management from London Metropolitan University – with specializations in Project Management & Leadership and Performance Management & Control

Hamza Taqi

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Master Performance Consultant



Hamza is a seasoned Team Coach, Master Performance Consultant, Contributing Author, Chartered Marketer, and Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in Banking, Telecom, and Talent Development. Hamza's expertise lies in developing the businesses of multinational brands, where he found his passion and life purpose through the marketing mix, specifically the PEOPLE element. Since 2008, as the Chief Excitement Officer for Knowledge Consulting Co, Hamza has dedicated his life to developing PEOPLE, firmly believing that they can do wonders if they are able and willing. His favorite quote, "What a man can do, another can," has inspired thousands of individuals throughout his workshops, keynotes, and interventions.

With his Master Trainer Designation and Master Instructional Design certifications from the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Hamza has also gained expertise in Coaching, Consulting, Change Management, and Facilitation in Synchronous Learning. He is a Certified Facilitator for The Fish Philosophy and an accredited Situational Leadership II Facilitator by Ken Blanchard. 

Alexia Doumbouya


Executive Board Member

Walker's Legacy


As a tenured Operations leader and Professional Consultant, Alexia Doumbouya has accumulated extensive experience collaborating with individuals and organizations both domestically and internationally. Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in driving business growth, enhancing the overall customer experience, and providing innovative solutions while spearheading projects for new and existing business initiatives. The result has been the successful implementation of strategies and the achievement of optimal results.

Alexia's approach is centered on people and process evaluation. To elaborate, she recognizes that organizational processes are established for specific reasons, some predating her tenure. Simultaneously, she acknowledges that positive experiences are intricately linked to the individuals overseeing customer-facing departments. Working closely with her teams, Alexia strives to align the organizational vision with the aspirations of the associates supporting the team. It is within this harmonious intersection that they achieve maximum production and foster heightened employee engagement.